The Vosges lakes

The Vosges department is located in the Grand Est region. It is one of the departments that make up the northeastern part of the hexagon. It has a famous mountain range bearing his name. But it is also a territory with a particular hydrography. There are indeed several natural lakes of glacial origin and artificial lakes originally designed for irrigating fields. These bodies of water have over time become popular tourist destinations for vacationers and tourists who come to stay in this area. Usually, they are all over 300 meters above sea level. They are lakes surrounded by mountains. You can also stay around the largest bodies of water in all of France, by renting a cottage around Lake Bourget, camping at Lake Annecy or booking a holiday at Lake Geneva.

Lakes for tourism

A large majority of the Vosges lakes are open to tourism. Some even have leisure centers or tourist bases on their banks with accommodation for visitors, shops, playgrounds, etc. Others that are more discreet and quieter are still preferred destinations for people looking for peace and quiet. They are open to water activities such as swimming, fishing or diving. Among these lakes, there are still those that have restrictions to be observed for reasons of safety or protection of the environment in general.

The common points of the Vosges lakes

Almost all the Vosges lakes are surrounded by greenery and mountains. These are all great places to rest. They are also routes for walks and hikes. Being close to towns or cities, they are easily accessible places. Some lakes even have cycle paths or trails for hiking and horseback riding not far from their shores.
If you need information about these lakes, you can get information from the tourist office in each municipality to which each one belongs.

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